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Angela Sholty

Angela Sholty

Coldwell Banker Realty


As a Real Estate Agent it is important to me that my clientsfeel their needs are being met. I am a hard worker and enjoy being busy.Whether you are buying or selling, I work very hard to make things run assmoothly as possible and walk my clients through the process one step at atime. I respond quickly to my clients and believe follow up and communicationis key! I know our local market well and would love the opportunity to help youbuy or sell your home.

I choose Real Estate because I am very family oriented and asa mother of 4 it allows me to have a flexible schedule so I can continue beingvery active in my children's activities with the added bonus of doing somethingI really, truly enjoy. I love being able to be a part of such a life-changingevent in peoples lives. For most people, the purchase of their home is one ofthe biggest purchases they will make in there lifetime. It is very important tome that my buyers and sellers feel that they are able trust me and know that Iam putting them first. I am a hard worker, dependable, self-motivated andhonest.

My goal as a real estate agent is to build my businessthrough referrals. If my clients are happy, whether a sale was involved or notthen I feel I did my job. What is your next step? Let's explore your options


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